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ByIsrael Queen

Menstrual Hygiene Training at Presco Secondary School.

MHM Training @Presco Secondary School and Girls High School Azuiyioku Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.

Good Menstrual hygiene is crucial for the health , education and dignity of girls and women.
Understanding how to manage hygiene during menstruation definitely is one of the most essential needs for girls.
Menstrual hygiene is an issue that every girl and woman has to deal with once she enters adolescence and until she reaches menopause.
Unfortunately, issues associated with menstruation are never discussed openly and the silence surrounding menstruation burdens young girls by keeping them ignorant of this biological function.

#Outreach:On breaking the silence on Menstruation , we were able to make the girls discover 3 major aspects-
1) Awareness of the changes and how to prepare for the physical changes thereby alleviating anxiety and confusion that result from the rapid changes during the period.
2) Understanding that the changes are normal and that there is no shame in what is going on with them. These are all a part of the normal process of development.
3) The need to communicate in an open and honest manner . Menstruation should not be something to be ashamed of and to hide.
Indeed, the result was impactful and we are glad the girls can now talk about menstruation freely and not being ashamed.

Together we break the silence on Menstruation. We encourage everyone to talk about it and teach every girl child.

ByIsrael Queen

Training of MHM Female Mentors at Secondary Schools in Abakaliki.

MHM Project: Training of Female Mentors @ Urban Model Secondary School, Comprehensive Secondary School, and Presco Secondary School Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.

Adolescent stage is a critical stage in the lives of teens and this goes a long way to affect their health, relationship and choices.
Adolescent girls have challenges confronting them and many questions bothering them, most times become vulnerable and disadvantaged.

It would shock you to know that more than 50% of girls had no idea what was happening to them the first time they got their period . Some expressed feeling of fear, confusion and stigma and others.
The first period comes without prior notification . Period mishaps are bound to happen , so there is a need for Female Mentors for our girls especially when they are in school.

We decided to bridge this gap , we have successfully trained 12 Female Mentors in the above schools mentioned.
These female teachers are the ones piloting the adolescent girls club, a safe space for girls to learn, exchange and share their experiences and challenges.

Lets empower adolescent girls, we empower nation

ByIsrael Queen

Menstrual Hygiene Outreach at Girls High School Azuyioku Abakaliki.

Menstruation Hygiene Management Outreach to Girls High School, Azuyioku Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.
It was a wonderful hangout with the girls.

MHM Sensitization at Girls High School Azuyioku

#Seed the Change-MHM

The girls were taught on Menstruation Hygiene and Management , how to deal with with discomfort during Menses, Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, Sanitary Towels , etc.
Also, they were taught on Life Building Skills- such as Goal Setting, Self Esteem, Peer Pressure, Refusal Skill, Decision Making and lots more.
They were intimated on HIV/AIDS Prevention,Hepatitis , and much more…

Finally, they girls were encouraged to share their experience and knowledge acquired with their friends and family members.
Let every family discuss Menstruation with their adolescent girls.